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I'm DYING to see Ghost Hound 9. It is KILLING ME inside. I downloaded the raw just in case the subbed version doesn't come out before I go down south, but there are so much scientific stuff in this show, I think I might just confuse myself if I watch it raw. T^T I hate it when people complain too much about the speed subs come out, but I'm just so anxious!

My mom, sister, and I got new phones today because our contract ends in a few days. I didn't want a new phone (I know how to use my old one well enough and I'm too lazy to move my numbers and stuff), but my mom said I should get it because the battery will die on my old one (maybe). I guess the new phone is a RAZR or something? I don't have any of my sexy Kino merchandise here, so I can't make my bkg Kino. D= I'm using Ginko from Mushishi for the bkg for now.

sygmus! I got your card! Thank-you, I love the drawings! I can't wait to get back to school and put it on our fridge. =D

Tomorrow Melissa and Amanda are going to come over for a Baccano! marathon. Maybe. Hopefully. Oh man, I really hope they come, because I would probably be really lonely if they don't. I wanted to have a number of marathons that I would invite lots of people to, but it just didn't work out this break. Maybe next break. =\

I only have fourteen pages of work left. HUZZAH HUZZAH! I haven't been sent any other scripts yet, so it looks like I'll get a little bit of a break after I finish these! How exciting~
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