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This is the beginning of something epic...

My brain is so dead from finals studying. Except I really haven't done that much studying for them... it's been more writing things for finals and worrying for them that has turned my brain to mush.

But! zero_jt and aisha_sama came over and helped me create what looks to be an epic story for Orichalcum. We spent over two hours writing down things that need to happen in it. We even have three volumes planned out. This is epic. EPIC. Unfortunately, I want to work on this crack more than I want to work on the "real" story I was going to do and had already put countless hours into planning. This story is so much easier than my other one, but I still want to do the old one too. Ah, choices choices. I'll probably work on both and if it gets too hard I'll choose which one to do later.

This new story is filled with incredibly characters like the double-monocled science teacher, a fabulous chimney sweep troupe, a hoop-and-stick using boy named Shota, and steam-powered robotic horses. Simply fabulous. ♥

Two more finals left! Then, freeeeeeeddddooooommm~
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