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Info Request: Comic Anthologies

Hey there everyone!

I'm sitting in my senior project class and I've hit a brick wall. I don't know where to look for more information.

My project is on the creation of comic anthologies. I will be going through what it takes to create a comic anthology while going through the process and actually making one (hopefully with bluestraggler).

I'm working on the second chapter of my paper, which is basically a term paper on comic anthologies. I've talked about Comiket, comic magazines in America and Japan (and a mention of some outside these countries), and Flight (along with Kazu's view of comic anthologies), but I'm pretty much at a dead end.

I'm pretty much looking for article/interviews/anything regarding the comic anthologies or the process that goes into making comic anthologies (any info on the process would be really, really appreciated). I'm not supposed to put my own thoughts into this part of the project. D=

If anyone can send me, point me to, or say something about this stuff I'd be very, very grateful. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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