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New Layout, Fist MnA Meeting, Etc, etc

As usual, new quarter=new layout. I was going to do a Kino one (I have the perfect picture to use ♥), but I decided I ought to go for Baccano while the anime was still running. Shock, shock, it's not Jacuzzi-based. The pictures with Jacuzzi that I wanted to use required a lot of editing, and I'm a bit lazy. So instead it's Young Conductor. The colors are barely passable and the header picture is the size of Alaska, but I think it'll work alright for the quarter. The header picture is courtesy takanome (thanks!!). Yooouuunnnggg Conduuuuccccttttooooorrrr~ ♥

This will probably be pretty long, so I'll put it under a cut.

Ah, Minna. The shining point at the end of every week. I always get nervous at the first meeting. New people, new line up, what will they think of my leadership ability, what will they think of our shows? Worry, worry, worry.

Wow, so many freshmen came. It was incredible. I'd say about half the people there were freshmen. My big question is... what happened to all the people from last year? We were missing a lot of familiar faces in the crowd. Hopefully they will be coming later. I think we got so many new people because of the million and a half flyers we put up. Maybe. Hopefully. Possibly. I am glad to see the club grow, I hope it continues to do so after I have graduated.

First Slot: Fansub o' the Week - This week we showed Bakumatsu Irohana Hasomethingsomethingsomething. The name is really long. Pretty series, and the story seems cool too. Perhaps I shall check it out during a break or something. It has the same character designer as Speed Grapher. Woo. Loved that series (pity the animation was often quite nasty. D=).

Second Slot: Dokkoida?! - I was pretty nervous about this one. It did get properly voted into our schedule, but when we had the officer viewing of it most people were really iffy on it. There was a lot of laughter and jennmenchi said that although she didn't care much for it when we first showed it, watching it with so many people somehow made it more enjoyable. Good. =3

Third Slot: The Law of Ueki - This show is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. And it is absolutely awesome. This is one of two shows that got unanimous support from the officers. Hells yeah, Ueki is awesome. The crowd didn't seem to enjoy it quite as much the officers did, but I think that might be because they don't quite understand the series yet. Personally, I believe the show is supposed to be borderline retarded. Once I decided that was what the series was trying to do (I really hope it this is the case), I enjoyed it ten fold more than before. Loooove Ueki, love it so much. Plus, Paku Romi does Ueki's voice, so bonus points there.

Fourth Slot: Gun x Sword - So very good. I think we will have many GxS fans at the end of the year. It was pretty painful watching the first episode again, because I've seen it SO MANY TIMES after trying to get people to vote for it.

Fifth Slot: Master Keaton - I got this one into the schedule with some barely-legal presidential actions. I honestly think it will work better than other show that it was battling and that it gives our schedule more variety. And variety is good. Come on, it's MASTER FREAKING KEATON. Badass extraordinaire! I hope people don't cut out when Keaton comes on. =\

Sixth Slot: Mushishi - This is the other show that got unanimous support. I would call this our flagship show for the year. It's just so incredible. It really felt like everyone was being sucked into it.

Dinner Break: We had lots and lots of announcements. I feel bad for the members. U_U;; In an attempt to make the information overload a little better, we showed the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged movie when we were done. Good stuff.

Seventh Slot: Otogi Zoshi - The big surprise in the line up. I suggested this show because it gets absolutely no love. Most people I mention is to have never even heard of it! I showed the officers one episode over the summer, and suddenly everyone was all for it. If it won over people with such vaired tastes with one episode, it makes me wonder why it got so little love when it was out in fansubs. I'm really excited to see more of this show. I bought the first disc when it first came out, but I was never able to find the others (I did get v4 for X-mas one year but I couldn't skip v2 and 3), so I never saw past v1. Now I have the whole series (thank-you season box sets~!), and I'm itching to see it. The menu for the first disc is very calm, which makes the series look much different than it is. I don't think anyone believed me that the menu was misleading until the guitar-heavy opening song started. This series rocks.

Eighth Slot: Noein - Another surprise. I thought a lot of people would be turned away by the unusual character designs, but it got pretty good support as well. Like Otogi Zoshi, I've only saw the first disc so I'm curious and anxious to see more. I hope the rest of club thinks it is as epic as I do.

Ninth Slot: Le Chevalier d'Eon - Big support for this one. We showed the fansub last year, and the club was all over it. I'm not spectacularly excited for it, but I am interested in seeing it. I think it was a good choice for the schedule, and it seemed like the club enjoyed the first episode.

Tenth Slot: Ergo Proxy - This show was the center of some wank last year when we were deciding shows. Ugh. But now, everything that prevented us from showing it then is gone, so huzzah, Ergo Proxy is on the schedule. Not much to say about this one, I'm excited to see more, but watching the first episode so many times made me pretty "meh" towards it, so I was daydreaming while we showed it. Well, it was at night, so I guess it would be ...just staring off into space.

Now that the first meeting is over, I don't have to watch the first episodes of any of those shows EVER AGAIN (unles I want to, of course). It's amazing how much you can hate just one episode of a series after seeing it a million times to try to raise support for it. Bleeeeh.

Anyway, whining about the first eps aside, the meeting went well. I hope at least most of the new members continue to show up! *_* Uwah. So tired now.

I haven't been sleeping well lately. I think at first I was nervous I wouldn't get into the classes I wanted to, but for some reason I just kept waking up early. Even on days when I didn't have class until the afternoon! Bah! The lack of rest and stress that generally comes from school seems to have aided in my sinuses being crushed by a cold. Bleh, I feel like my head is filled with cotton. Hopefully this is leave as quickly as it came and I'll be better soon. It hasn't knocked me out of commission yet (knock on wood), so it's more annoying than anything.

Holy crap, it's 9:30 and I have six sfx-filled pages to work on, so I'm going to cut my rambling off here.
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