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In the last four months, I have lost what little drawing ability I had

Seriously. Now I pick up a pencil and wonder how to use it. Alas.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY dev_chieftain!!!

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Most of my Tsubasa art attempts turn out nasty, so I thought I'd try some YGO art. Plllleeeeeaaaasseeee write more YGO stuffs! A biiiiig happy birthday to you! Hope your day was excellent!

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My current Pokémon Pearl team! My trainer name is Roi, like it always is. We run into bushes and walls a lot, so he is all scratched up. I have a Luxio named Sekmet, a Starvia named Toth, a Grotle named Asgard, a Golem named Medusa, a Floatzel named Hephestus, and an egg. Bonus points if you can connect all the names. =3

Ugh. My digital art is even worse than my pencil art. X_X
Tags: doodles, pokémon, ygo
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