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AX Cosplay Plans PART 2

Okay, now I have three costumes instead of four, which should work out nicely. We've dropped the Raven Dancers from Princess Tutu. We'll be cosplaying them at Fanime next year.

Yuki-The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Audrey has been working her ass off on the Haruhi costumes. A bunch of us went to her place on Friday and Saturday to help as much as we could. They're looking really cute. If you ever want to see me in a (short) skirt, find me when I'm in the Yuki costume. I wanted to make the witch's cloak and hat, but I couldn't find good enough material in time. I will bring the Sterling(Starling?) Inferno, a computer mouse, and maybe a "join the SOS Brigade" sign. She's holding the sign on the poster I have. We'll see what time allows.

Wataru-Brave Story: Nur is helping me remake the armor. Oh, that hideous armor I wore to Fanime was so embarrassing. This one is a lot smaller and should turn out better. Oh, I really, really hope it does.

Shanks-One Piece: Because I was asked if I would be wearing it to AX, and I hear Funimation is doing something special for OP? It's easy to wear and carry, so I like wearing it.

I think we will be performing the Hare Hare Yukai dance on Saturday at 11am. We moved our time over. Please come and watch us!!
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