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AX Cosplay Plans

I'm still trying to decide what to wear to AX... I'm sure of three, but I really don't know about the last one...

~Shanks (One Piece)- I told a Mihawk that I'd bring Shanks, so I have to bring Shanks. Plus, I hear there is going to be a big Funi One Piece event. ♥

~Yuki (The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)- For the dance competition... I hope we get choosen to dance!

~Raven Dancer (Princess Tutu)- Our MnA cosplay group.

And then... shoud I bring Wataru? I have to redo his entire armor if I want to, but I really want to try to get more interest in the movie... hmm... I don't know.... ~_~ And it was so ignored during Fanime... mmmmmm..... Meeeehhhh~

...I also want to throw together a Shimon(Simon?) cosplay, because Audrey's bf is going ot be Kamina... but I think I'll have to strike that out. U_U
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