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Kotohonou= Mary Sue?

I have a question for... well, anyone.

I have a character which may or may not be a Mary Sue. I really don't want her to be one, so if she really is, I'd love any suggestions to change her enough to make her a good character. I started RP'ing again with her last night, so I was thinking about it.

She's my..uh... Naruto OC.

Name: Kotohonou
Age: I don't know, she doesn't know
Village: Village of the Beast
Species (?): The 2-tailed beast (sort of like Kyuubi/Nine-tails and Shukaku/One-Tail... and yeah, I think they've shown the 2-tail in the manga now, but let's pretend they haven't because I made her up three years ago or something >_>;;)

Unlike the Kyuubi and Shukaku, Kotohonou is a loyal to the village she "belongs" to. The way she sees it, why not? She's quite powerful and they respect her, plus they feed her! Score! Occasionally she'll take on simple missions to prevent boredom. She's not in a 3-person cell, so the jobs are pretty much, "go deliver this, go get that" etc, etc. She's a skilled fighter, but all of her attacks are physical. She cannot do any illusions or anything like that. Most of the time she is on a mission, it is in an asumed human form. This his is not a human that she is sealed in, this is her in a different form (so I guess I lied, this is the only non-physical attack/thing that she can do). In her human form her physical power is greatly diminished, but since she doesn't do much fighting it doesn't really matter.

During one simple mission (delivering a letter to Konoha), she met Kiba and they hit it off. Now she's pretty crazy about him. omg I think they're so cute together. I figure the dog-user and the beast girl would make a good couple.

Ah, that reminds me, in her true form, Kotohonou is like some sort of... badge-fox-dog-thing? I'm not too sure.
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Her human design is a bit different now, and ignore that her beast form has one tail, but that's pretty much how it looks. All my other pictures of Kotohonou are two years old and teh sucks. (This one is three years old and really crappy, but at least it's inked and colored.)

Um, um...
She's a strong-willed tomboy who isn't very book-smart (she's barely literate) but is very street-smart. She's very loyal to her village and Kiba (and a couple others but that's omg spoilerz for my own little world). She's physically stronger than everyone in her village in her true form, but she probably has about 60-70% of the stength of Kyuubi. She likes Kiba, fresh meat, sleeping in the sun, Kiba, running, comfy clothes, just enough solitude, her village, and... Kiba.

So, does she seem Sue-ish? When discussing her with some friends, it was mentioned that she could definitely be. Any opinions? =\

(btw I love my .03 pencil, it let's me draw such clean lines! I was using it while sketching her before bed last night.)
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