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The Weekend of Toil begins!

Zetman is such an incredible series. I just reread the latest five chapters... just because. SO So good.

Tonight is practice chicken prep night, tomorrow is partial booth-setup day, and Saturday is the real deal. Set up early in the morning, cooking and selling, and deconstruction. Usually it is just a lot of toil, but this year should be a bit more fun, seeing as we actually are going with the theme! I think I'm really going to have a blast cosplaying Shanks. XD

To Do:
Up to page 60 for Viz by Monday night
Work on doujin
-finish inking exisiting pages
-finish Kenpachi sequence
-finish Jyuu-chan's job sequence
Finish Snakes and Ladders project for Art 133
Work on Goodnight Demon Slayer
Work on 440 Magazine
Do 440 reading
Don't die
Work on Wataru armor
Work on Highlander wristband
Tags: manga, minna, school, to do
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