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Like an oasis in the desert...

I have reached salvation... aka, reliable internet. It's good to be back.

Break was filled with a lot of work but not a lot of art. I'm about 72% done with my latest volume of work for Viz, but I just got a mountain of corrections (mostly script changes, so not really my fault in the first place, arg), that will keep me from doing any more work on this volume until I get through them. >_<;;

Since I spent most of my time doing work for Viz (and working on cosplay stuff), I wasn't able to get any art finished. Luckily, (or unluckily) I have a three hour lecture tomorrow. So, I'll probably get lots of art time in. =D

Sorry if I haven't been returning e-mails or responding to posts! Now that I'm back, I should be keeping up with these things better!
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