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I saw this in YGO Abridged...

Thanks ImageShack!
Wait, when did this happen? It looks all... date-y.

Survived my karate final, and passed the class, but didn't get ranked. Personally, I thought I did better than a number of people that got ranked, but since I probably won't take any other karate classes, it's not a big deal. I also almost passed out during the test. Colors started looking really strange, like someone had used a noise filter on them... then the sound started going out... My sensei and his sensei were really nice about it, they sat with me until I could see correctly again and kept checking in on me. I'm just glad that test is over. I think I was so nervous it was making me physically ill. I felt like if I tried to eat I would throw it up, so I didn't eat for a day. I had some trouble eating after the test yesterday, but I was so hungry I had to. And now I'm feeling lots better.

I also finished the final project worth the most in color theory. It looks like crap, but it's DONE. Now I just have to finish my journal and it'll be sayonara stupid class. ...I should be working on the journal right now, but I'm waiting for my iPod to charge. XD

We watched the first Detective Conan movie last night as our quarterly movie. I wasn't really excited (maybe because I had seen it before and it's one of my least favorite Conan movies), but I did enjoy watching it again and it seemed like people enjoyed it. It makes me want to watch a lot of the other movies now. And draw Shiratori, because he is the best character in that movie. I tried to draw Conan on the door signs, but I can't draw him anymore! He looked waaaay too old.

Two projects and two tests to go! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!
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