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RE: Art 132 Project #5

Thanks, first layer of paint, for ripping off enough to look hideous when I tried to remove the Frisket Film after painting the second layer. Golly gee do I love this assignment. I've put about four hours into the painting and masking alone today, and I still have another layer and touch ups to do... not to mention cutting the pieces out and mounting them (that part is easy though!!)

Oh. And I do get to re-letter that volume. I'll do it when I get the other corrections and it probably won't seem like as much work. XD

On the upside of today, I was able to get Enchanter volume 1 and Snow volume 1 thanks to aeyoqen (Thaaaank-you!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ). Enchanter is pretty cool, but I really love Snow... I want to draw the Ghost (and Snow). I should make a list of all the fanart I need to do during break. My Nabari no Ou exchange and the Digimon Gijinka will be finished first though!!

It's after 11 now... I've spent about seven hours painting this stupid project today. It looks like crap, but the paint is down. DOWN. All I have to do is cut each square out and mount it. But that will be a job for tomorrow. Bed calls me now.
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