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OMG VIZ HAS TOGARI. ♥ It makes me want to Tobe it up all over again. And snuggle my Togari as I sleep. He's such a pretty bouken♥♥♥ I hope they don't change my favorite line from the scanlations.... "GIVE ME YOUR SINS." XD

Yes, I know. I'm such a dork.

I feel like I got nothing done today, but I actually did get a fair amount accomplished. Lettered twelve pages, glued my latest project to bristol (almost done with it, woo!), and worked a little bit on my Shanks costume. The Shanks costume is coming together nice and quickly, I just need to get some buttons and ask my mother for help on a couple things and I'll be done. My Daisaku costume won't require much work either. WOO! But the Wataru costume... well, it actually is coming along nicely too, it's just a lot more work.

Yesterday I actually sat down and got to draw a picture that I wanted to draw. Start to finish. Pencil, ink, color, the whole thing. It felt so, so good. I haven't been able to do that in a while. Sure, I doodle all the time and do speed paintings, but it's really just doodling. I took the time tonight to draw something that I wanted to draw again. Oooh, it feels so good. But I really need to finish at least two of the three drawings I owe soon.

The volume of manga I'm working on for Viz came in today. Japanese version, so I can check the placement of thoughts, titles, and volume notes because the tiff files somehow don't have them. Well, whatever. Not a big deal. I'm just happy the book came in so I can start getting things ready to send to the editor I'm working for. My goal is to finish this volume by the tenth of March. I'm a little under halfway done. =D

Also, Nur and I watched Layer Cake tonight. My brother recommended it to me. I don't recommend it to anyone. I thought it was rather disappointing.

Oh, and before I forget... Jenn found this on Yahoo Groups tonight. She says, "No, no you can't... liars."
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